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Clinical Benefits of Laser Therapy | Sugam Physiotherapy Clinic

Let’s Delve Deeper into the Clinical Benefits of Laser Therapy

Fast Results
Reduction of pain and inflammation often begins as soon as the laser light enters the body. High Power kicks off these processes more efficiently and effectively.

Treat Larger Areas and Multiple Areas
With more power, treating larger body areas can be easy without compromising the dose. Additionally, treat multiple locations to manage referred pain sites.

Increase Practice Traffic
High Power Laser allows you to maximise each visit and achieve better outcomes. With an impressive experience, your patient is far more inclined to recommend your clinic.

Increase Patient Compliance
Patients feel the difference immediately, allowing you to set high goals and drive compliance. 

Deliver Higher Dosages
Use the higher power when needed most with challenging patients, or turn it down for more acute or superficial conditions.

The WOW Effect
High Power Laser has the ability to make your patients go “Wow” at the immediate difference. Combine the experience with increases in range of motion and improved quality of life, and laser can make a significant impact on a clinician’s overall care for their patients.

Laser Therapy